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CCleaner 評論

Michael Millard
2021-12-11 21:11:45

I have been using CCleaner for over 16…

I have been using CCleaner for over 16 years. I find it to be the most reliable quick clean tool on the market.

Tricia Weil
2021-08-09 11:17:05

Great product

Gary Neuhart
2021-08-03 09:32:05

excellent piece of software

excellent piece of software, and it works well every time.

kenneth elgert
2021-07-28 13:06:20

a top knotch product

a top knotch product, have used it both and work and home, it delivers.

2021-08-09 10:54:41

I’m satisfied with this product for my…

I’m satisfied with this product for my windows 10 computer, but it is very week in the Mac platform. Not nearly as many features there. I’m not sure why.

Brian Perkins
2021-12-11 16:39:44

Nice product to help maintain computer…

Nice product to help maintain computer functionality.

R James Tucker
2021-12-10 12:45:27

Great product

Great product! Some of the descriptions of what each task does is a little confusing, but not a major problem. Would be great if there was a virus scan and a malware scan.

Naomi Helphenstine
2021-08-02 18:40:22

I have used CCcleaner for a long time…

I have used CCcleaner for a long time and I’m very satisfied with it. Thank you so much.

Chet Kleinschmidt
2021-08-02 12:43:32

In the years past I have had good luck…

In the years past I have had good luck useing C Cleaner. This time when I purchased it, it seem to attach it self to my computer start and in the right lower corner of my screen, kept commin up with a note, Browser just cleaned every few minutes. I think I now have that taken care of.Out side of that I think the C Cleaner is great.

Mark Despathy
2021-08-03 12:45:24

Got a new PC and then contacted support…

Very responsive support!

FAQ for CCleaner

我怎樣才能社交 CCleaner ?

您可能想了解更多關於 CCleaner .幸運的是 CCleaner 擁有您的 Facebook 或 YouTube 帳戶,您還會發現更多新信息 . CCleaner 不僅可以宣傳自己的新產品,還可以讓客戶提供建議。 CCleaner 希望越做越好,歡迎廣大客戶提出建議!

做 CCleaner 有學生折扣嗎?

是的。為了幫助 CCleaner 大學生、高中生等消費能力有限的學生客群, CCleaner 專門為他們提供學生折扣。然而, CCleaner 會要求客戶上傳可以證明學生身份的材料。

做多長時間 CCleaner 優惠碼最後?

不同的 CCleaner 促銷代碼有不同的有效期。一般來說,去的主頁 並點擊我的中心。您可以在下方查看每張優惠券的具體使用方法、要求和有效期 CCleaner 優惠碼。

最新優惠是什麼 CCleaner ?

您可以了解更多關於 5 CCleaner 通過點擊 折扣信息辦公室,及時跟進,避免錯過優惠。在這種情況下,客戶可以購買 CCleaner 價格最滿意的產品。不要猶豫,參觀 !

做 CCleaner 有銷售區嗎?

是的, CCleaner 促銷區大量清倉商品,庫存充足,價格低廉。購買的客戶 CCleaner 特價區不用擔心產品質量問題。 CCleaner 保證專區的每一件產品物美價廉。

如何联絡 CCleaner ?

CCleaner 特開通聯繫客服客服通道,解決客戶想諮詢的問題。您可以通過瀏覽任何頁面找到頻道 CCleaner 和 聯繫品牌的工作人員解決您的問題。


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