2月 2023

Bitdefender 評論

Dave C
2020-07-14 02:02:13

Problems with app were solved quickly via online chat

I had some problems with the Bitdefender Central app (used to control my home network with Bitdefender Box). I contacted Bitdefender through their online chat option (twice) and got through to their reps within a minute or two both times. They were professional, friendly, and helpful. This seems to be a rare thing these days. I recommend Bitdefender in general, and the Bitdefender Box as well!My problem was with the app. It was not recognizing my subscription. The first time I contacted support, they gave me one thing to try, so I disconnected and tried it (it took about 30 seconds). It didn't work. The next day, I contacted them again and they gave me a second solution, which worked immediately. They waited online while I gave it a shot. I am completely happy with the company.

Joan Esty Haefeli
2020-07-05 23:57:47

Computer App Glitches

I get glitches occasionally but Bitdefender always has sent me instructions on how to fix. So far batting 100%. I save instructional emails and use when same problem reappears, which it does but a quick fix. My computer has been the culprit at times, so I am happy to have the fixes. Have had no glitches when it comes to the anti-virus, my main concern. It is Traffic Light and Web Protection that need reenabling and one fix does both at same time.

Vern Haggard
2020-05-03 18:58:01

Happy to get my question resolved

Robert Omstead
2020-04-25 22:34:11

the best of the best

2021-08-15 02:17:33

Bitdefender customer service helped me…

Bitdefender customer service helped me understand my concerns. I appreciate the time spent with me and answering my questions. I would recommend them to anyone who asked about protection.

Jim s
2022-04-05 19:29:54

The product is fine although renewal is…

The product is fine although renewal is expensive in a competitive market.I never renewed party because of price and partly because I purchased original subscription via a cash back site and had to submit a claim for the cash, nothing for a year and then Bitdefender refused to pay saying cashback site was not final referer. I think they wait a year knowing by that time the customer will be unable to prove that purchase was made via cashback site.6/4/22 in reply to Bitdefender, I am not requesting a refund. Please read the review again, purchase was made via a referral site topcashback and in they claim commission from Bitdefender and pass to the client (me) but, as mentioned, Bitdefender refused to pay.

2020-04-14 02:01:29

Best of All

Best product. Works 24/7 to keep me protected from all kind of IT threats.

prav cker
2020-06-09 17:32:22

This security company value your trust

This security company value its customers, at least in my case, they came for help, and they care for many like me.

Aigle Bleu
2020-07-02 10:35:52

Great support

Roxy Laycox
2020-04-04 19:59:35

So far very satisfied.

FAQ for Bitdefender

我怎樣才能社交 Bitdefender ?

Bitdefender 真誠與消費者溝通,努力提高客戶滿意度。因此,無論是 YouTube 還是 Facebook, Bitdefender 有官方頻道,等待您的訂閱。消費者還可以訪問 了解更多信息。不要猶豫,跟隨 Bitdefender 現在翻頁!

做 Bitdefender 有學生折扣嗎?

是的。學生折扣是其中一項福利 Bitdefender 特別是提供給在校學生。通過學生折扣,您平均可以節省 26 美元。有什麼理由不查看 Bitdefender 相關折扣 ?不!只是去參觀 現在享受額外的 Bitdefender 您購買的促銷代碼!

做多長時間 Bitdefender 優惠碼最後?

在優惠券信息頁面上 , Bitdefender 會顯示對應的有效期和使用規則 Bitdefender 折扣碼,建議您可以使用 優惠券代碼在有效期內及時享受特價 Bitdefender 結帳時的促銷代碼。

最新優惠是什麼 Bitdefender ?

關於最新的價格 Bitdefender , 不僅 會定期更新,但如果你去 並蒐索 Bitdefender 你將獲得 Bitdefender 促銷代碼等。另外,關注的粉絲 Bitdefender 將獲得第一信息,以便成為第一個體驗新鮮價格的人 Bitdefender 產品。

做 Bitdefender 有銷售區嗎?

沒錯,作為 Bitdefender , 你可以享受 Bitdefender 特開的購物購物區,物美價廉的商品應有盡有。 Bitdefender 顧客不用再等打折季了,促銷區一定讓你滿意。

如何联絡 Bitdefender ?

你可以聯繫 Bitdefender 通過 Bitdefender 的客戶服務聯繫頁面或社交媒體頁面。一般客戶服務頁面提供一條消息或“聯繫我們”按鈕。您可以使用此按鈕將消息直接發送至 Bitdefender .對於常見問題, Bitdefender 提供自動回复功能。特殊問題,在線客服第一時間為您解答。


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