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Selfridges incelemeler

Manon Howard
2022-02-12 15:48:49

A* for Jan

I went into the store to get a mug and at the till there was a lovely women called Jan who was just wonderful. She was so helpful and kind, going the extra mile to ensure that my gift was wrapped perfectly.Thank you!

2022-03-26 01:48:49

Recommended, both online & in store

I have purchased from Selfridges online store three times now, and each time I've had my parcel it's like Christmas - beautifully wrapped items, well packaged, fast delivery and easy returns with quick refunds. I paid for Selfridges+ postage so that I can order as many times within the year which is well worth it. I enjoy shopping with Selfridges online, and in store if I'm ever in London, as they have a great range and enticing products. Sizing is a bit of an issue for online orders though as you have to take a wild guess at times, and there are no product reviews which would be helpful for both size and quality purposes, plus the wish list could be made easier to view and edit, but on the whole, so far, so great!

David Seaman
2019-12-15 19:22:51

Eco friendly packaging!

Bought a bottle of blackberry liquor online. It came within a couple of days which is standard. The reason for me posting a review is to praise Selfridges for not using ANY plastic. Paper sticky tape to hold the box together and this special paper padding/protection inside. I’ve never encountered that before. Usually the protection inside is those air filled mini bags or heaven forbid - polystyrene. I’m no eco warrior but if it saves a turtle or two then all well and good.

Santania Phillipsien
2018-04-27 15:31:36

Ms Elly from the women’s department (Phillip plein)


2020-05-10 11:34:57

Love this store!

Was skeptical since I am in a different country, but wow, great prices, Some hard to find items, easy transaction and I was impressed with the fast shipping!! And easy return (I ordered a size too big) with really fast and easy refund! Was picked up at my door too. Will be returning 100% thank you for a great experience.

2021-06-13 17:38:12

The Selfridges Experience

It was my first visit to a department store in 15 months. I was dreading re-entry post lock down but my Sunday trip to Selfridges turned into a super enjoyable experience because of the amazing staff that served me. First there was Fatima from Lingerie - she was patient, knowledgeable and helpful bringing me bra after bra to try. Then there was Caroline at Reiss who inspired my choices with her effortless cool girl look. My usual dread of trying on jeans was completely transformed by Shakhlo who had a great eye and was so helpful. I was leaving the store when I saw the most gorgeous Alexander McQueen green taffeta cocktail dress which Filippo encouraged me to try. It has been a long long time since I have won anything like that. It was the end of a perfect shopping experience! Thank you

Weaam Ali
2021-01-30 14:57:03

Thanks selfridges I received my package…

Thanks selfridges I received my package today was a bit late but I'm satisfied with what I got.Hope you work on the delivery delays and tracking shipments in the future and I love you guys

Vickie Liong
2018-08-15 00:26:44

Bad experience on my first mail order for oversea shipment

I just placed a mail order for suqqu new product on selfridges 1 week ago. But until now I do not get any information and delivery detail about my parcel. When I send email to their suqqu selfridges team to ask for AWB No. to track my parcel, they just told me the parcel has been sent out but cannot provide AWB to me. WHY?? I think this is non-sense, I paid expensive shipping fee for oversea shipment, but finally I didn't get any tracking information. My friend bought it online on same day and already get the parcel 1 week later. It is really bad exprience for me to place mail order. CS was no reply for my email and how long I should waiting for my goods???=====================================16 AugWhy Still no reply from CS? I just want know the delivery status. Why it is so difficult to get the information?=Updated=Finally I got the parcel today. But the CS are not active to help solve problem with customer. Since my order was completed, but I never receive any delivery information. Hope they can improve in future.

Denise Girvan
2020-02-10 20:06:49

International Purchase - Excellent

My first time shopping on-line with Selfridges. Perfect transaction, shipping, tracking and delivery. Will definitely shop with them again.

2021-03-19 20:42:23

I recently brought a Rolex watch from…

I recently brought a Rolex watch from Laila in the Rolex department at Selfridges on the click and collect app. She was very professional and the transaction went very smooth and the payment was very secure on their app.

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