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Mohinder Paul G
2019-03-17 18:04:25

Great Tech

Great Tech. but seems like they still have a lot of room to improve it

2020-12-01 08:23:16

They stole from me

I senr my 360 to them to be repaird it took 5 months to come back. They sent me one back a different colour. Had a game in it i did not own. It was years ago but it still hurts me now. My dad bought me that xbox it was mine. You stole it

LolMaximus335 XB
2020-05-13 17:44:33

Pretty good

Pretty good, very lackluster when it comes to support.

Malik Berberich
2022-03-08 19:04:45

I'm an XBOX guy since XBOX 360

I'm an XBOX guy since XBOX 360. I can admit that the last generation was won by PS4. But currently, XBOX has all chances to beat it. It's not just the most powerful but has also a game pass which is very cheap and handy. You can play Microsoft games literally the day they are released and also have access to hundreds of other games. And the gamepad is great. It hasn't changed much since XBOX 360 but it became very comfortable and good-looking.

2021-07-23 00:09:04

Give me the ability to upload the…

Give me the ability to upload the Custom Gamerpic I want without being taken down and I'll stop Boycotting you I'm Entitled to any picture i want on my profile no matter what your policies are or what your so called Admins think!!!

Craig Luke Barker
2018-07-18 16:23:24

bad the good the ugly

bad yet good had bad times with xbox support i'd give a 2 star most the time i love my xbox and love the console its my life at times helps me relax once they did double charge me for a game I got off their store one time they refused me a refund i had to call my bank to contacted xbox to get the refund and they refused the first 4 times but they did once a manager from my banks call center called and told xbox to release the funds back to my bank account they did in the end. xbox live loves to go down for 1 to 2 weeks every year for a paid service downside but upside the community is amazing met so many people and the deals are very sweet

Casey sulak
2021-12-04 23:55:02

Great I love it

Great I love it

2020-11-11 22:50:22

Don’t get me wrong I love playing on my…

Don’t get me wrong I love playing on my Xbox but what really annoys me is every time I turn it on it has to update and not only that it updates the games and sometimes they’re like 100 GB and I have to wait for hours for it to download and then when you load the game there is more updates isn’t there a way to stop this I spend most of my night when I turn my Xbox on just updating before I can play it’s really frustrating

KEITH Styles
2021-02-22 19:26:59

Really enjoy playing my Xbox one can’t…

Really enjoy playing my Xbox one can’t wait to get my hands on the series x always got good support if needed

2018-04-22 10:01:22

Good service

Good service were able to quickly help me with my console issues and it was working again within 10 minutes. Great service.

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Hvordan kan jeg bli sosial med ? vil legge ut nye meldinger i god tro og tilby de beste prisene for sine kunder. I tillegg, har en tendens til å kommunisere med forbrukere for å tilfredsstille dem og samle inn forslag fra kunder. Velkommen til å gi forslag, abonner på nå!

Gjør har du studentrabatt?

Ja. For påmeldte videregående skoleelever og høyskolestudenter, har spesialutviklede studentrabatter. Hvis du oppfyller vilkårene ovenfor, kan du få Rabattkode med relevante gyldige dokumenter for å få studentrabatten og nyte en gatefri handleopplevelse på .

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