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2019-05-02 15:46:43

Updated: Excellent!

I recently ordered a pair of Gucci sneakers but changed my mind about the size. I contacted Selfridges through their Facebook (I live in the USA and did not want to be charged for international call) and they quickly cancelled the order and I was able to place a new order. So far impressed by how quickly they responded. Will update when package arrives!One thing to note: I have seen a lot of negative reviews here. Yes, sometimes it is awful when stores have a rigid return policy but I would not feel safe shopping at a store that is too lenient. We have a major department store in the US (not saying names!) that will return ANYTHING. This has resulted in me ordering numerous times online to find dirty, worn shoes or shoes with mismatched sizes. So if anything, this gives me faith that my items will come brand new.Update: Received my item today (ordered on Wednesday, received Saturday). My shoes were packaged so well and were brand new! I ordered Gucci sneakers and they arrived with two dust bags, box (in great shape), and appropriate care cards. I will definitely be purchasing from here again!

2019-01-23 15:54:51

The best department store.

I am a regular shopper at Selfridges. This is the best retailer I have done business with.I am excited to see other reviews here. Their negative feedback demonstrate on thing:That Selfridges will not accept or re-sell used articles. All other departement stores without exception specially debenhams and many other micky mouse online retailers like asos resell used, well worn goods. I have even received torn clothing (ted baker) clearly used from ASOS. These type of online stores don't care. They just want to sell, re-sell and make money. Selfridges guards their reputation whilst also offer excellent customer service.Most responders below who complain use and return goods, probably wear them for a wedding or party and return it. I know this because I am a business woman myself and have been fed up with various kinds of scammers who use our goods and return them and many don't even return them and still expect to be refunded fully. There are many other kind of scammers who come out of their woodwork during Xmas and buy loads and claim "not received" despite tracking showing that the parcel has been delivered and signed for. I don't trust a single Xmas shopping claim of item not received.After having read the reviews below, I have a renewed sense of loyalty to Selfridges.My parcels arrive beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, boxed. And it isn't just one or two or a few tends of orders that I am basing my experience on. Ive placed orders for a few hundreds in less than three monthsTheir DPD delivery slots have superb timing, alternative days and dates and times and so much convenience too.Selfridges is available round the clock through various media: telephone, chat, facebook, email. Even the slightest issue, the customer relations manager would personally contact you to make sure that the matter if any, is resolved.But majority of customers just abuse privileges and try it on, if they can. When they fail, they will moan. Customers expect to be waited on hand and foot even if they have abused the privlieges of free returns.I feel storngly about all this because I have a wee business and I have customers who cripple my business with their dishonest conduct. I am so happy to see selfridges taking a strong stance against such scammersI don't think many of them with negative reviews actually can afford selfridges. They buy, use it, return it and expect selfridges to buy into the story that "they only tried it on carpet". Don't go by the negative reviews below. They are chancers at best or scammers at worst.Great department store. i strongly recommend Selfridges if you want an excellent customer experience.

nermin durmus
2018-12-29 14:06:19

Selfridges iş really excellent shop ı…

Selfridges iş really excellent shop ı think best in the world

Son Ca
2021-09-30 23:18:55

online Galaxy a52 5g with earbuds

I purchased Samsung galaxy a52 5g on selfridges websites on the 28/09 2021 and underneath the photo of the galaxy a52 5g it was clearly stating that gift with purchase, and saying PURCHASE a SAMSUNG GALAXY A52 5g between 28/08/21 to 05/10/2021 and claim GALAXY Buds Live in Black by redemption. received the galaxy a52 5g phone today 30/09/2021 and after calling Samsung customer services about the earbuds live gifts, to my shock I learned that there is no such a offer from Samsung.I called the Selfridges customer services one more time about the issue, the customer service representative was so helpful and I appreciate that thanks again Julia. She said they will look into it and also I sent the Selfridges email about the misleading online sale. Waiting for their response.I have been contacted by selfridges customer services this afternoon and they say thay there was an error on selfridges website however on this occasion as gesture of good will they will manually process the ear buda and send to me.Thank you so much Selfridges

rami saad
2019-02-15 15:52:58

Great shopping experience,, I’ll order again very soon :)

I’m really shocked that alot of people had a bad experience shopping from!! As i had an entirely opposite experience and was amazed of how well my order was processed and delivered to my international address within only 2 days :) .Could it be that the app is under a different management?

2021-09-05 00:41:27

Thank you so much Selfridges for my…

Thank you so much Selfridges for my very fast delivery from the UK to Australia. I am very happy with my pots and kitchen utensils and I bought them for a great price too! I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Carlos UK Buyer.
2021-12-11 11:36:27

Super fast delivery!

Ordered my item online yesterday morning and It was delivered first thing today, they even gift wrapped it! (which I wasn’t expecting) really Pleased with my first online order experience with Selfridges : )

2021-01-06 15:33:07

Efficient customer service assistance

Having had quite a few terrible on-line shopping experiences during the lockdown with other companies , I think it’s such a relief when you can speak to a human being who is actually willing to resolve an issue and who is helpful and polite. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was due to Selfridges standard response to my initial query which didn’t actually answer my query. However the customer service assistant I spoke with gave a 5 star service.

2019-06-14 16:19:43

Ugg pool shoes / sliders bought these…

Ugg pool shoes / sliders bought these from selfridges and they are so comfortable look smart and I would definitely recommend these sliders.

Debra Holland and Margaret Blakemore
2018-10-26 17:11:12

I have just received wonderful service…

I have just received wonderful service from the delightful Elaine in the luggage department in Selfridges in the Trafford centre in Manchester. She’s a good listener, very caring, friendly, knowledgable and goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. I felt compelled to write this review as she is an absolute asset to the store- thank you Elaine from Margaret for all your help.

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