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Hyödynnä täysimääräisesti Selfridges Alennuskoodi ja kuponkikoodi sisään Syyskuu 2022 nauttia jopa 60 % säästöistä . Valitse sertifioitu Selfridges Kuponki tai alennuskuponki ja säästä paljon enemmän rahaa ennen näiden tarjousten päättymispäivää.

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  • £150



    Ilmainen toimitus ostaessasi 150 € ja enemmän

    Vanhenee 8-10-22
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    Lasten lelukauppa vain 15,50 dollarilla Selfridges

    Vanhenee 26-9-22
  • 30%



    Jopa 30 %:n säästö koti- ja teknisistä tuotteista Selfridges

    Vanhenee 27-9-22
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    Jopa 60 % säästöjä tyhjennystuotteita

    Vanhenee 4-12-22
  • £150



    Saat ilmaisen toimituksen, kun ostat yli 150 puntaa Selfridges

    Vanhenee 28-2-23

Selfridges arvostelut

Stacey Carr
2020-10-08 16:52:38


I had an issue with my order, but I sent an email out, and the mix up is being handled, really fast customer service, got a response within 15 minutes. I don’t understand all the bad reviews

2021-06-13 17:38:12

The Selfridges Experience

It was my first visit to a department store in 15 months. I was dreading re-entry post lock down but my Sunday trip to Selfridges turned into a super enjoyable experience because of the amazing staff that served me. First there was Fatima from Lingerie - she was patient, knowledgeable and helpful bringing me bra after bra to try. Then there was Caroline at Reiss who inspired my choices with her effortless cool girl look. My usual dread of trying on jeans was completely transformed by Shakhlo who had a great eye and was so helpful. I was leaving the store when I saw the most gorgeous Alexander McQueen green taffeta cocktail dress which Filippo encouraged me to try. It has been a long long time since I have won anything like that. It was the end of a perfect shopping experience! Thank you

2019-01-23 15:54:51

The best department store.

I am a regular shopper at Selfridges. This is the best retailer I have done business with.I am excited to see other reviews here. Their negative feedback demonstrate on thing:That Selfridges will not accept or re-sell used articles. All other departement stores without exception specially debenhams and many other micky mouse online retailers like asos resell used, well worn goods. I have even received torn clothing (ted baker) clearly used from ASOS. These type of online stores don't care. They just want to sell, re-sell and make money. Selfridges guards their reputation whilst also offer excellent customer service.Most responders below who complain use and return goods, probably wear them for a wedding or party and return it. I know this because I am a business woman myself and have been fed up with various kinds of scammers who use our goods and return them and many don't even return them and still expect to be refunded fully. There are many other kind of scammers who come out of their woodwork during Xmas and buy loads and claim "not received" despite tracking showing that the parcel has been delivered and signed for. I don't trust a single Xmas shopping claim of item not received.After having read the reviews below, I have a renewed sense of loyalty to Selfridges.My parcels arrive beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, boxed. And it isn't just one or two or a few tends of orders that I am basing my experience on. Ive placed orders for a few hundreds in less than three monthsTheir DPD delivery slots have superb timing, alternative days and dates and times and so much convenience too.Selfridges is available round the clock through various media: telephone, chat, facebook, email. Even the slightest issue, the customer relations manager would personally contact you to make sure that the matter if any, is resolved.But majority of customers just abuse privileges and try it on, if they can. When they fail, they will moan. Customers expect to be waited on hand and foot even if they have abused the privlieges of free returns.I feel storngly about all this because I have a wee business and I have customers who cripple my business with their dishonest conduct. I am so happy to see selfridges taking a strong stance against such scammersI don't think many of them with negative reviews actually can afford selfridges. They buy, use it, return it and expect selfridges to buy into the story that "they only tried it on carpet". Don't go by the negative reviews below. They are chancers at best or scammers at worst.Great department store. i strongly recommend Selfridges if you want an excellent customer experience.

2022-02-09 09:29:59

Very good customer service

I placed an order for delivery to Spain. Despite showing as available for delivery to Spain on the website, it turned out one of the items was prohibited customs-wise post Brexit. The whole package was kept by customs in Spain and I was informed it would be returned back to Selfridges. I had to chase up on this, and suspect if I hadn't chased the package would have been held there longer. However, I give four stars as the customer service team were quick to deal with this when I flagged it up. They followed up with the courier and kept me informed about the refund. Replies to my email were very fast, generally within hours, and also at weekends. At first my refund was missing the import taxes, but the remainder was quickly refunded also once I pointed this out. It seems there are maybe a few gaps in process when it comes to Selfridges proactively being on top of chasing up international deliveries that have gotten caught up with customs issues, but customer services were quick to sort these out when reported to them. I hope these customs issues are logged to improve the process for EU orders, but at least knowing that customer services can resolve these issues I will order again in the future.

2020-07-11 17:42:37

A lovely member of staff

My husband and I was visiting the men’s footwear department and was greeted by Zohra who helped us pick the right trainers (Balenciagas) and also made us feel very welcome in the store. A lovely member of staff

Matina Koutou
2018-02-05 16:56:13


I am writing here to give Selfridges a five star review, as I received my order 2 days after placing it( order number : 5579..) and it was in an another country in Europe. The pair of shoes came in an excellent condition. Before ordering, I read all the reviews an I was a bit concerned. I knew Selfridges was a serious company since I was buying things from the store at Oxford Street while living in London . So people , PLEASE write good reviews as well if you were satisfied and mention your order number because I really think that those bad bad reviews are fake.I will definitely order again , even though the delivery cost was a bit too much ( 15 pounds )

nermin durmus
2018-12-29 14:06:19

Selfridges iş really excellent shop ı…

Selfridges iş really excellent shop ı think best in the world

2020-07-14 14:33:41

I have no complaints!

I'm surprised by the low score on Trustpilot - as I actually had a really easy and quick service. I purchased a few shoes and a bag in the sale - and had them delivered to the USA. It took just under two weeks from the day I purchased to delivery! So I was pretty impressed. Everything was packed well and arrived in perfect condition! I'll definitley use them again.

2019-06-17 14:51:46


I purchased a high end men's fragrance from a French perfume house by the name of Jeroboam. I hadn't heard of them until listening to some fragrance reviews on YouTube.I must say, even though Jeroboam only sell 30ml sizes, the smell and quality of the fragrance are literally outstanding. Longevity of smell is also extremely good. I ordered online through Selfridges on Sunday before 6pm and it was delivered the next day by 11am, absolutely first class. Gentleman, if you like your fragrances try these; Jeroboam, Byredo, Le Labo, Guerlain, Creed, Roja, Jovoy, & also the online exclusive Dior eau de parfum range.

2020-06-19 17:35:07

Thank you Nadia, you lovley woman!!

I have had nothing but good experiences in this shop with a particular sales assistant called Nadia. She has always been helpful , polite and included me in new exclusive new items I have told her I had my eye on. Completely trust her to keep me informed and to go in to the store and have excellent customer service provided. Thank you Nadia you lovley woman !!

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