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H&M Bewertungen

janene caracaus
2020-01-02 13:54:13

I received my quilt late even though I…

I received my quilt late even though I paid for early shipment. However I wanted to say that I was extremely pleased with the quilt was very pretty and I did read a lot of the reviews here and which made me little bit angry before I got the product but it is very pretty quilt and I have asked for refund for the promise of really shipment but the product itself is very nice.

Lisa S
2022-05-13 10:46:33

Brilliant Customer Service - Phone

Phoned Customer service as I had received the wrong size on one item in my delivery. The female customer service agent was so helpful and went above and beyond! Unfortunately didn’t catch her name but I was highly impressed with her professionalism and most grateful for all her help!Wish this kind of attitude could be seen in the H&M shops as the shop floor assistants normally are very rude and patronising if you ever need their help or want to pay etc.

Ying-Ge Yang
2021-01-21 17:03:11

Normally I have no problem ordering…

Normally I have no problem ordering from them but recently encountered a problem with one of their items and I wanted a refund. Had to speak with their customer service and the service was terribly rude. I was unable to communicate my problem effectively due to language barriers with the agent but that was alright however she hung up on me immediately after rejecting my proposal for a refund and did not listen to me at all. Will only be ordering from stores from now on.

Taylor Fetherman
2022-03-03 21:19:31

Who made my fabric?

I am your customer, and I love your style. However, I would like to know more about the people who make your clothes and the materials they are made from. Please publish a list of all the textile production facilities in your supply chain. This is a vital first step to taking accountability for the working conditions of the people who make your products. Can you tell me #WhoMadeMyFabric?

Mohammad Hasan Showaib Khan
2021-12-11 23:59:31

Never Got my parcel from Hermes and H&M

I ordered 2 items and they used Hermes for delivery. I was supposed to receive my parcel on thursday I was waiting at home then delivery man emailed me that he couldn’t do the delivery as I was not in. I had no idea how that could have been possible. Then they said they’ll deliver next day but they didn’t come on friday. They turned up on Saturday i choose Porch to be safe place if not in. I was in but he still left in the porch didn’t bother knocking I guess. I received the email then I checked on the porch there was only a paper card saying sorry I missed you previously but no parcel whatsoever. I have no clue what to do so frustrated. It has been 2 weeks no parcel no money and now this harassment of explaining that I didn’t get the Parcel. I don’t even know why Company like H&M uses Hermes which is utterly unreliable and the service is abysmal.Update: called H&M customer service they refunded me immediately. That’s great but still pissed at hermes.

Karen Kawas Martinez
2020-11-26 22:46:44

If you live in Canada (I live in…

If you live in Canada (I live in Vancouver) your order will arrive at least 25 days after ordering. I suggest you check in with HM via email at the 16-day mark. In terms of the actual order, everything was okay and aside from delivery times hm did nothing wrong with my order.

Porsche Wilder
2019-11-25 04:00:06

Ordered my package

Ordered my package, got it in 3 days, everything was correct in there, good experience for me, I don't understand all the bad feed back, went well for me.

Subhash Prajapati Subhash Praj
2022-06-30 19:25:23

H&M calling number O9339.28.5539.. online shopping centre and booking service team regarding the you ok thanks I will

Visited the Liffey Valley store, Dublin, on Tuesday 28/6/22 with items to return. The young woman, Catriona, who was incidentally the only staff member serving, was incredibly professional and courteous even in the face of a queue of customers forming behind me. She also had to contend with temperamental store equipment which resulted in further complications to the transaction. Even in the face of these issues she was calm, efficient, customer focused and also took the time to wish me a nice evening.A lovely young woman and a valuable employee who manifested great Customer Service.I hope that H&M management will acknowledge and share this much deserved positive feedback with the box office collection and shopping centre and booking service team regarding the box office collection and analysis

2019-12-02 19:33:53


Great site and great stock. Just an absolute nightmare to contact. For a big company like them to no be able to message or talk to is poor.

Andrew Byford
2021-06-02 13:48:34

Products are good quality and…

Products are good quality and fashionable with reasonable price , staff are really friendly and kind, Thank you

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