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    20 - Polovina tuny dámského značkového oblečení, obuvi a dalších

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Selfridges recenze

MikeNick G
2021-09-28 12:50:30

Great store, easy website good products.

I have read a lot of the reviews on here but I wanted to give my experience of the store. I have shopped with self fridges for many years, and have never had a problem with deliverys (I live in Australia). There parcels have for the most part come on time through DHL express and properly wrapped and secured. The website is easy to use and navigate and check out process is easy enough. I find their product ranges are pretty good, I have mostly brought skincare, cloths, and some accessories. On the 2 occasions in the past where I had to return something, it was very easy, just go on the website, click on your order, press return and you print of the return slip and send it back. Within a week my refund is processed and a few days after that I have received refund. I probably made about 20-30 orders over the years and when I have been in London I have visited their store in Oxford street London. I am very happy with selfridges and have remained loyal for all these years. This store is better and more efficient then some of the department stores we have here in Australia.I am a happy customer.

Areej Sabo
2020-08-06 11:13:13

Great Experince

Favorite of all the times, delivering on time and good value of money

Lucy Savva
2018-02-16 09:00:09

I have to say I absolutely love…

I have to say I absolutely love Selfridges and I think it’s one of our best stores in London. From the first time I visited with my Mum at the young age of 10 I fell in love with this store. I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years and yes wherever you go these days you will experience some ups and downs. The only criticism I have is that they don’t offer a loyalty card which I think they are missing a trick here. Harrods has a reward scheme (it may not be the best but at least they have one). So come on Selfridges, do you not think it’s time you moved with the times and offered your customers some kind of loyalty scheme!

Zoe Li
2022-05-23 13:09:59

Impressive online CS experience

At first I felt skeptical placing an order on Selfridges but their price is so competitive. Luckily their staff Ronnie followed up the case proactively and the items was delivered in perfect condition with international warranty. I’m really impressed with their online customer service.

Gabby B
2022-02-08 09:37:55

Great website and my order arrived…

Great website and my order arrived promptly

Ellie Benson
2020-07-28 17:39:26

Selfridges Trafford Centre Nars Maria

We went to Nars in the Trafford Centre Selfridges. My sister had a few queries about her recently purchased foundation and the girl was so so helpful. We believe her name was Maria... this visit happened on 28th July at around 5pm. She was very attentive and helped us so much. She was very friendly and informative and honestly, is an asset to Nars as a brand. I think she should be rewarded for her excellent customer service as in these uncertain times, it isn’t uncommon for customer service to be lacking. A credit to selfridges 100%

2020-06-04 08:57:43

Brilliant service

I recently purchased clothing items from Selfridges. I was concerned there would be issues based on the terrible star rating on here but my experience was excellent. Not only did I get the items at a great price with free delivery, they arrived super fast (despite it being during covid 19). One item was unsuitable and again was worried that it would take weeks to get a refund, but they were so quick. A couple of days. One of the best shopping experiences I've had online.

An-Magritt Aune
2020-07-08 10:47:50

Very good delivery service and excellent customer service

Last year I signed up for their Unlimited timed delivery service for £10. I shop quite often at Selfridges and love visiting the store on Oxford Street but since COVID 19, I have been doing my shopping online. I have never experienced anything negative when ordering from Selfridges and am surprised to see others have given them a bad review. Ordering online is easy, and I get my order the next day. If I've had to return anything, refund has been promptly back to me. I have only had good experiences with Selfridges and love shopping there.

Maxine Ambrose
2020-12-19 00:16:22

Great service Monchen

I visited the Gucci Women's wear last week, I received such great service from Morchen. He was very attentive and patient and the whole shopping experience was really good. I needed to check the size before I purchased something and he went above and beyond to help me and also gave his expert opinion. We did make a purchase. Thank you

Mark S
2021-03-26 14:09:34

Got there in the end

I recently bought a pair of Louboutin shoes for my wife for her birthday. Every pair of shoes she owns are either 7 or 7.5 so I went with 7.5 to be on the safe size.When they arrived they looked far too small. She tried them on anyway, stood up, and then sat straight back down again. They were far too small.I immediately went straight back onto the Selfridges website to exchange them. There isn't an exchange policy so I made the mistake of ordering another pair (size 8.5 this time) and returned the small pair.The new ones arrived and they were fine. But when I contacted Selfridges to ask where my refund was, they informed me that the sole had a scratch and they were no longer in a saleable condition. I think my wife must have had the smaller pair on for an absolute maximum of 10 seconds. She didn't/couldn't walk in them and all of this took place on a living room floor. Selfridges contend that a £550 pair of shoes can be sufficiently damaged after 10 seconds of standing up indoors to render them "unsaleable". Had I read the Truspilot reviews before I'd made the purchase I would have avoided Selfridges. I certainly wouldn't have ordered the second pair. Similarly, had I realised how fragile Laboutin shoes are, I'd have gone with a better brand.Selfridges plainly aren't able to offer any level of customer service for internet sales. If you go into a shoe shop, you can try on shoes. If you do it on line with Selfridges, you have to buy them whether they fit or not. For a premium brand, at a premium cost, it's an astonishingly poor way to treat customers.I really can't remember another occasion where I've felt so completely and utterly conned.1/4/21Just as an update, after this review I got a mail to say that they would refund the full amount. It's a shame I had to complain on a public forum to get it, but they obviously do care about their customers after all. So in the end, a satisfied customer.

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Selfridges má zaregistrované oficiální účty na všech hlavních platformách pro návrh médií včetně Facebooku, Twitteru, YouTube, Instagramu a tak dále. navíc Selfridges co nejdříve zveřejní nejnovější informace na těchto platformách sociálních médií. Můžete hledat a sledovat Selfridges na vaší oblíbené sociální platformě, abyste získali nejnovější zprávy a propagační akce.

ano Selfridges máte studentskou slevu?

Ano. Aby bylo možné podat ruku Selfridges skupiny studentských zákazníků, jako jsou vysokoškoláci a studenti středních škol s omezenou kupní silou, Selfridges poskytuje studentské slevy výhradně pro ně. Nicméně, Selfridges požádá zákazníky, aby nahráli materiály, které mohou prokázat jejich studentskou identitu.

Jak dlouho dělat Selfridges Slevový kód jako poslední?

Selfridges Propagační kódy mají různé datum vypršení platnosti a některé jsou dokonce trvalé. Na pokladně si můžete vybrat Selfridges Slevový kód, který je vhodný pro vaši objednávku. Ale pamatujte, pokud půjdete do , můžete procházet celý kód kupónu Selfridges jasněji.

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Selfridges Nejnovější ceny budou zveřejněny prostřednictvím domovská stránka. Takto, Selfridges doufá, že zákazníci budou moci pravidelně sledovat její oficiální webové stránky a sbírat slevový kód. Také návštěvou , zákazníci mohou získat speciální slevu poprvé.

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To je správně, Selfridges Propagační oblast může zákazníkům pomoci ušetřit více. Selfridges speciální oblast je speciálně postavena pro zlepšení nákupních zkušeností zákazníků. V Selfridges speciální oblast, spousta horkých produktů se prodává za nízké ceny, takže si to kupte hned teď.

Jak kontaktovat Selfridges ?

Pokud se potřebujete spojit se zákaznickým servisem, otevřete , na každé stránce , je nastaveno tlačítko kanálu zákaznických služeb, například Kontaktovat zákaznický servis, a můžete přejít na stránku pro online komunikaci Selfridges zákaznický servis kliknutím na toto tlačítko. Tím, Selfridges doufá, že každý zákazník může mít dobré zkušenosti se zákaznickým servisem Selfridges .

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